Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks

Waynesville & Asheville NC Restaurants

In an area which sees so many visitors per year, it is only natural that it would have dining options that cater to all individuals. You can find fine dining options in the downtown areas of most of the cities, but if you’re looking for a more rustic meal, we would have to recommend one of the restaurants in the small towns. Their cuisine is somewhat different and is an interesting thing to try out during your stay.

There are a lot of drink options in the Smokies as well. Every county in the region has their own breweries and wineries so you can taste some of the local flavors. Most of the speakeasies are located by the mountainside so you can relax, take in the view and enjoy a few drinks with friends.



  • 225 Winery Rd, Asheville, NC 28803, USA

  • (828) 225-6230

  • Posted 8 months ago